Learn My Favorite Ways to Play in the Kitchen

Hello friends!

I’m excited to be offering a series of Paleo cooking classes starting this summer. I shall be sharing my passion for health and delicious food with those of you who also love to eat clean, allergen-free, real food and are deeply committed to self-care.

Three years ago, my allergies led to chronic hives spreading over my whole body (read more about my story here). This prompted me to undertake an elimination diet called the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), a diet that I initially experienced as highly restrictive and isolating.

I had several false starts. How could I possibly stick to this diet when I have a late night NEED for almond butter? These digressions happened more often than I like to admit! Plus, the diet was a real damper on my social life; eating AIP makes it virtually impossible to eat out or share meals with most people.

I know all too well how difficult it can feel to commit to such an alternative way of eating and how isolating an experience this can be. I would love for you too, to feel a sense of community, freedom, and delight whilst eating in a way that is truly nourishing to you.

I feel grateful to be a chef and nutritionist with the unique advantage of seeing restrictive diets as a creative challenge. I have spent years researching, exploring, and playing in the realm of AIP ingredients. I now experience AIP cooking as a fresh perspective that allows me to create imaginative and delicious dishes to share. I have a wonderful group of friends who are also dedicated to taking good care of themselves.

I’ve settled into a smooth stride with this way of self-care and I’d love to share new and old culinary discoveries and delicious comforts that are AIP friendly.

This series is a mix of around-the-world fusion, mostly from my personal cultural background, along with culinary essentials like sauces, desserts, and cast-iron cooking.

For me, it was so important to have support and connect with others who could relate. I’m looking forward to connecting us all with more of the Paleo/AIP community.

I want to celebrate your choice to eat for health.