Kabocha Coconut Chia Dessert | Paleo Porridge

In today’s video, I show you how to make one of my favorites — my kabocha coconut chia dessert.

This three-ingredient paleo porridge is delicious and easy, and makes for a unique and healthy dessert, a flavorful breakfast, or a nutrient-dense afternoon snack.

Don’t forget to garnish with plenty of fresh mint on top! 😋This paleo porridge is my version of Chè- the Vietnamese word for any traditional sweet beverage. Chè often comes as pudding and incorporates fruit, vegetables, beans, seeds, glutinous rice and tapioca powder, topped with coconut milk. It’s definitely one of my top favorite foods, but hard to find sugar free, and paleo, so I present to you my homemade solution.

Served warm, this creamy and deeply satisfying porridge is perfect for this cozy fall weather!

Keto-friendly version: Use pumpkin or cauliflower rice instead of kabocha squash, soaked nuts like pecans, walnuts, Brazil nuts (just a handful provides a your daily selenium requirement), coconut flakes, and/or a tablespoon of almond, sunflower, or good ol’ peanut butter. 

Try it out and let me know if you love it!