My own recent  Culinary Art Therapy project  =)

Culinary Art Therapy Workshop 

Art therapy is the method and philosophy of healing and creating change through the arts. By exploring one’s responses, reactions, and insights through sensory experiences and encounters with art processes, one can gain a new perspective as a valuable therapeutic tool. There is no artistic ability required.

For this event we will use cooking as our medium and food as our material to create a nourishing artistic experience. We invite you to join us for some fun in the kitchen! You will play with your food to unleash your inner artist with the encouragement of Chef Angela Huang and Expressive Arts Therapy facilitator Tess Sparkman. Treat yourself this holiday in celebration of your commitment to health and healing by creating an original sweet or savory goodie!

The workshop will begin by laying out our intentions and a quick tour of your equipment and ingredients. We will be there to guide and support your process along the way. You’ll have access to an oven, a stove, a steamer, an instant pot, a microwave, a food processor, an immersion blender, and a professional Vitamix blender.

Please feel free to bring any equipment or ingredients of your own, if you feel inclined.

I’ll have a plenty of AIP ingredients including:

Tigernut flour

Otto’s cassava flour

Green banana flour

Vital Proteins gelatin






Herbs and Spices


Come prepared for some delicious self-exploration and healing creative expression!

Looking forward to cooking with you! =)

Price: $40 per person

Please RSVP by emailing directly at

Pay at the door or buy a ticket online through EventBrite with fee of $3.19.

Date: Spring 2017 TBA

Location: Will be revealed to those who RSVP via email


Angela Huang is a nutritional chef who hosts educational culinary events.  Fusing together her background as a culinary artist, holistic nutritionist, teacher and autoimmune paleo warrioress, she loves to celebrate those who are committed to their health and healing through paleo based diets and lifestyle.  For more info go to:


Tess Sparkman is finishing her masters degree in Expressive Arts Therapy and works at the Boulder Art Therapy Collective. A strong background in photography and ceramics help inform her as an artistic counselor. She continuously explores other mediums with her clients and shares in the excitement of discovering new ways to artistically express oneself. Art has always been a passion for her, she especially enjoys sharing her love equally with those who find solace in creation and those who are even hesitant to begin. Tess wholeheartedly believes that everyone is a uniquely expressive artist and wants to guide them to the core of their creativity and self-awareness.