Come and join the elite group of brave and adventurous eaters who have already begun to reclaim their ancestral heritage by embracing the culinary and nutritional delights of organ meats.

Local chefs and organ meat enthusiasts, Angela Huang and Dave Cooley, are hosting another organ meat tasting/cooking demonstration.

This will be an informal, educational paleo event intended to provide our community with a chance to overcome the hurdle of learning how to prepare these nutrient dense wonders.

Come ready to get your hands dirty as we walk you through, step by step, several easy to prepare, yet delicious gourmet recipes featuring locally sourced organ meats.

Space is limited to 20 people, so do not delay, reserve your spot today. If there is considerable interest in the event, we will gladly organize another dinner to meet the demand. 

April 29th, 2017

5:30pm- 8:30pm


Location: Boulder, CO (Exact address TBA with RSVP)



"I was worried that I wouldn't like any of the organ meats. Before the event I had never tasted any organ meats that I liked. I was blown away by how wrong I was. Everything tasted amazing... Even better than regular meat. My favorite part of the evening was the surprise with every new taste. I would think that I had a favorite dish and then something new would come out that tasted even better. To anyone still considering, I think you will love it! Even if you don't think you like organ meats, go and try it. You will thank me afterwards."

-Tess Falor. Aerospace Systems Engineer.                               


"With my restricted diet, I was worried about whether I'd be able to enjoy trying many of the dishes and I was very pleasantly surprised that Chef Angela was able to be really accommodating with little to no fuss. I loved taking home new tips and tricks that I could use in my kitchen right away! I was happy to learn I could enjoy all of the different organ meats we tried and that I could enjoy them in many different types of dishes. I also had a lot of fun with meeting new people, eating the food, and skills that I learned at the class." 

-Rylee Keys. Software Engineer.                           


"Being on an elimination diet can be hard. Finding recipes which are easy and delicious is key to sustainability. Chef Angela mastered both, allowing me to eat amazing and nutritious foods I never thought I'd eat and teaching me how to make them at home. Her friendly and positive attitude made the event fun-I will attend again when I have the chance."

-Erin Joyce, AIP Expert and Lyme Warrior              

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 3.57.28 AM.png

"As a person with several different food allergies and intolerances, I am hesitant to go to food events, even if they are advertised as gluten or allergen free. However, not only does Angela host events that are truly gluten and allergen free, she also does an amazing job at catering to the specific dietary needs of every one of her guests. Angela puts an extraordinary amount of detail and preparation into each dish and I always leave her events feeling deeply nourished through the food and the company."  

 -Jess Cooley. Narrative, Somatic, and Relationship Coach.

Alexandra Davis 2014 Headshot.jpg

"Although I have been interested in the paleo diet and lifestyle for many years, I was not sure how I would fare with the organ meats.  My fear was that, although I was interested in organ meats for health, I would not be appetized by the offerings.  My fear was un-founded when I arrived at the event!  The food was delicious beyond my expectations and I learned many new methods for preparing organ meats that I still use today, almost two years later.  This event turned a previously off-limits food group into a fabulous experience for me. I also loved getting to know all the other attendees of the event and bond with them around food, and learning from Angela and Dave about how they choose their meats and organ meats and how they prepare them. The evening was truly unforgettable as a high-quality culinary experience.  I even made new friends at the event whom I have stayed in touch with!"

-Alexandra Davis. Acupuncturist.