I celebrate eating for health and embrace cooking as nutrition in action. 

Chef Angela Huang

I serve those who are committed to their healing through paleo based allergen-free diets and lifestyle with my culinary educational events, consulting, nutrition coaching, and private cooking lessons. A certified nutrition consultant, professional chef and educator, I celebrate eating for health, am a strong advocate of the farm-to-table movement and whole-heartedly believe in food as medicine.

I specialize in working with your unique healing diet. Some of you may want to cut out sugar, gluten, and dairy, others may be on more restrictive diets such as the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. I want to provide more support, excitement and joy in your commitment to vibrant health, however that looks to you. Healing nourishment comes in many forms.

Food is my primary connection to health, community, culture, politics, mother earth, and life.
Experienced with a wide variety of diets—from vegan and vegetarian to Paleolithic and Autoimmune Paleo Protocol, I delight in cooking with a keen nutritional lens and help people cook and eat in a way that honors your health, freedom, creativity, and enjoyment within their unique allergen-free diet.

So if you are starting an elimination diet, maintaining Paleo, trying Whole30, or navigating food allergies, let’s have fun in the process of meeting your health goals through cooking as nutrition in action.


"Being on an elimination diet can be hard. Finding recipes which are easy and delicious is key to sustainability. Chef Angela mastered both, allowing me to eat amazing and nutritious foods I never thought I'd eat and teaching me how to make them at home. Her friendly and positive attitude made the event fun-I will attend again when I have the chance." Erin Joyce, AIP Expert and Lyme Warrior.

"Chef Angela is truly gifted in her kind, gentle, informative approach. She is a master at putting nutritional puzzle pieces together. She has worked with my family and I on gathering info and assessing where we could make some gradual dietary changes that are beneficial but not too overwhelming.  She takes the shame out of recognizing eating habits and is understanding of "real life" diets. As a mom to 4 children, I want the best for all of them but my 4 yr old son began having severe reactions to mosquito bites and also deep emotional peaks and valleys. Chef Angela has walked me through identifying which foods might be triggering a histamine reaction and also recognized that he needed much more healthy fat in his diet to feed his brain. Once I started offering more of those things to him, his behavior changed that very same day. It was incredible. I cannot thank Angela enough. My mother's intuition knew something was "off" with my son and Angela is helping us to see the sweet boy come back through changes in his diet. I had tried to find the answer searching online and was completely overwhelmed and discouraged trying to do it on my own. I'm so thankful to have Chef Angela guiding me on this journey. Her expertise is priceless." Jessica Wilson, The Conscious Stepmom. 

"I loved the experience of meeting others and getting to know them, whilst enjoying absolutely delicious and nutritious food, and learning, all at the same time. It was a rich and inspiring experience. I have some great new ideas of ways to prepare food at home. I feel that Angela's classes would be extremely enjoyable to anyone, but in particular. for those who have specific restrictive diets, this is such a treat. Thank you Chef Angela!"  Josie Fenton. Wilderness Based Coach and Therapist. www.lodestoneway.com

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