Embracing Imperfection

Can holistic nutrition be a healing journey?

Today I want to speak to you about imperfection.

In this video, I get vulnerable with you about why accepting imperfection has been the most important part of healing my relationship with my diet, my health, and myself.

On this ongoing journey, we all experience moments when we feel inadequate, unhealthy, or some other form of shame.

How can we approach challenges with gentleness and self-acceptance so we can experience more ease in our lives?

I truly believe that the key is to learn to relax, trust ourselves, forgive ourselves, enjoy ourselves, have fun, and empower ourselves by seeing the bigger picture.

I’m here to connect with you! We are in this journey together — to heal, grow, learn, and to experience new levels of freedom, connection, creativity and fun in both the kitchen and in life!

What is your source of inspiration when facing challenges?

PS: Bonus is my adorable puppy Lillibee making an appearance at the end!

Video transcript

Embracing the imperfections of who I am has been the most important part of healing my relationship with my diet, my health, and myself.

This is the core of the work I’m doing in my life. To keep remembering to relax, trust, forgive myself, enjoy myself, have fun, educate myself, empower myself, see the bigger picture. Be inspired. Be patient. And keep it fresh! 

Approaching challenges with gentleness and love instead of criticism — this is the only way to create more ease in my life. 

Continuing to accept myself, especially when I’m feeling unhealthy, inadequate, or some other form of shame, is an ongoing lesson. 

I hope to connect with those of you who resonate with me. 

You are conscious and have chosen to embark on a healing diet, but feel overwhelmed with cooking and eating differently than those around you.

Support is crucial. And together, I want to hold space for the pain, and also celebrate our commitment to health!