What Is Health Coaching?

As you may know, I’m currently a student in the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program, working to become an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach (A-CFHC).

You may have heard of health coaching— it’s one of the fastest growing professions in the United States, and prestigious medical institutions like the Cleveland and Mayo Clinics include health coaches on their care teams.

Health coaches..

  • EMPOWER you to discover your own wisdom and strength

  • HELP you create your own solutions to problems

  • SUPPORT you without judgment

  • HOLD you accountable to your goals

Health coach

Here are just a few of the benefits to you:

  • Making real, lasting lifestyle and behavior changes isn’t a switch you can simply flip. It takes ongoing effort and support. I’m there to support you along the way.

  • Health coaching assists you in improving your self-knowledge and awareness, setting personal goals, creating and maintaining new habits, and becoming your best self.

  • We would work together during this practice period at $45 per session. The price will go up after I finish my certification.

  • I would like to invite you to participate with me as a client as I continue to hone my coaching skills. We can develop a plan and schedule that align with your vision.

is this for you?

I'm deeply passionate about health coaching, and I'm so excited to be sharing it with you. 

What's special about health coaching is that it's a collaborative partnership between you and me.

I will meet you exactly where you are.

Step by step, we implement the science of behavior change, mindfulness, and habits to support you to live the life you envision for yourself. 

If you're curious as to whether we're the right fit for each other, please book a complimentary discovery session. Get a taste of the coaching process, and decide for yourself what you think!


$45 per session

→ While I’m completing hours for my new credentials as both an A-CFHC (ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach) and NBC-HWC (National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach), I'm offering sessions at a largely discounted rate.

→ Further packages are available — a three month commitment is best to really help with the change process.